IT Security issues for the SMB

  • - Protecting from loss of business and negative reputation
  • - Ensuring a competitive edge, differentiating in the market
  • - Preventing data loss through malicious intent or negligence
  • - Delivering comprehensive security on a sensible budget
  • - Providing secure services to business and consumer customers without the cost
  • - Meeting compliance standards for data handling
  • - Providing comprehensive reports to support compliance claims

Small and Medium Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses face security threats and
must comply with the same regulations as larger organizations.
However the complexity and cost of security solutions can
deter business owners from taking sufficient steps to secure
their valuable resources. Complexity and cost are the biggest
issue. The fact that until security technologies become more
simplified they will continue to exclude the SMB market and
leave it exposed to a multitude of threats. Small and medium
enterprises operate
across all sectors so
the nature of their
business is diverse.
The nature of the
SMB market is
competitive as businesses
look to cultivate their niche and
expand. The impact of a security
breach can be catastrophic for
any such organization.