With cutting-edge solutions, HuB Networking has been helping local municipalities face their bsuiness head on with technology customized to each organization's needs. With increased spending in IT, techonology has efficiently restrucutured how municipal services work.

IT Issues faced by Government and Public Sector

Embracing mobility to support a changing work environment
Government and public sector organizations are under continued pressure to improve operational efficiency with a limited budget. Transformational government initiatives are driving an increase in mobile and remote working as the need to cut costs and re-purpose real estate results in a push to find new ways for staff to work.

The emergence of highly portable tablet devices has helped organizations to support this initiative but with greater mobility comes an increased risk of data loss and security breach. Increased security and access controls may increase cost and complexity and may conflict with initiatives to simplify the use of IT resources.

Enabling inter-agency communication without compromising sensitive data The need for inter-agency communication has never been greater, whether at the central or regional level. Government and public sector data is by its nature highly sensitive and as such is prone to theft, loss, or misuse. Furthermore, the type of data held by these bodies is diverse, from central policy documents to the personal records of members of the communities

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